TTP 273 : OnePlus Nord LE Launched ? Most Popular App in USA, Redmi Note 10 Issue, Samsung M42 5G

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 एप्रिल, 2021
Tamil Tech Prime NEWS 273 : Check out Today's Latest Tech NEWS in Tamil ( 9th April, 2021 )
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  • I am a MI note 10 user....and I too faced the same problem and now I had to claim warranty 🙄...very bad experience on a new mobile

  • Chip shortage and how it will affect smartphone industry. Please do a video.

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  • HI bro Can you Tell me Realme Buds vs Boult audio Loop which is better for Commercial use if any wired headphones better than that please let me know.......

  • Bro... I bought redmi note 10 a week back.... No issue.... It's working completely good...

  • Appreciate for giving many important news daily

  • Redmi note 8 also same problem

  • அண்ணா சூப்பர் anna videos. Ellaam naan paappan. Super anna

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  • Pl put yr comments on infinix hot 10 ocean blue 8/128Gb

  • MRslow

  • Pls put mi band 6 review

  • சாதாரணமா net ல படிச்சாலே செய்தி வரும்.. தினமும் வீடியோ போட்டா உங்களுக்கு நல்லா காசு வரும்.. பாவம் மக்கள்..

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  • Bro!! OnePlus LE release munadi calling mic issue solve panna solluga

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  • Tesla news Samsung m42 news I liked in this video bro.........❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🔥🔥🔥

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  • Redmi Note 10 Issue true than bro enakku varudhu bro

  • Redmi phone local bro chinese phone against super phone only samsung

  • En bro innum Poco x3 pro unbox pannala

  • Redmi note 10 not working properly, 😟

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  • #TTP bro redmi note 10 series has that issue bro. Ungala nambi vanguna bro i have touch issues

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  • Best 5G smartphones under ₹15000?

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